Safe Travels on the Road in the Jeep Renegade

When you're traveling on the road, you want to stay as safe as possible in your vehicle. The Jeep Renegade offers numerous safety features including anti-lock brakes and parking assistance. As soon as you put the Jeep in reverse, you'll be able to see the area behind your vehicle to prevent hitting objects and to better help with navigating in reverse.

Adaptive cruise control will adjust your speed while you're on the road if there are vehicles in front of you to decrease your risk of being in an accident. Blind-spot monitoring alerts you if there is anything in these areas while you're driving in Cobleskill, NY. Cobleskill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can assist in setting the alerts so that you can hear them in your vehicle.

If you begin to drift to another lane, there is an alert that will quickly let you know so that you can get back on track. Active braking stops your Jeep if there is a vehicle close to the front of yours to prevent an accident.

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