Let's talk about electrochromic mirrors. That's another term for the auto-dimming mirrors found inside many cabins of vehicles on our Cobleskill, NY lot. We'd like to help you understand what makes these mirrors dim automatically. With that info, you can confidently shop for a car at Cobleskill Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Self-dimming mirrors feature a layer of electrochromic gel. It is attached to a microprocessor, which connects to two sensors. These sensors can be cameras or photodiode sensors. They transfer bright light to the microprocessor. It, in turn, activates the gel layer. Electrochromic gel darkens when electrified. The darkening causes the gel to filter the light that the rearview mirror reflects.

Electrochromic mirrors are convenient because you never have to touch them while driving. They are also safer than classic rearview mirrors. A self-dimming mirror prevents the Troxler Effect, which defines the images we see after looking at bright light. Troxler images cause response delays. By optimizing your response time, an auto-dimming mirror makes you a better driver.

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